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What We Offer

We work hard to meet immediate needs so we can clear the way to support our clients as they meet their long term goals!


Food Pantry

We provide a weekly, individualized food pantry order to anyone who needs assistance accessing food. If you are in need of food, please contact us.


We are able to keep our food pantry well stocked thanks to generous donations from individuals and organizations in our community! We publish a list each week on our Facebook page and our newsletter of our most immediate needs. 

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Life Skills Education Classes

We offer a variety of classes ranging from horseback riding for kids to crafts to computer basics. Check out our calendar for the latest offerings. If you are interested in attending a class or teaching a class, please email us. We are open to to all kinds of possible classes, so don't hesitate to reach out if you've got a skill you'd like to share!

Social Services Assistance

We have a small team of case managers who are able to sit down with clients to help them find community resources and ways to meet their goals.


We are here to provide support as people navigate their journey.

Please contact us to set up an appointment!

Little Food Pantry

If you have a food emergency when we are closed, you are welcome to visit our outdoor food pantry. It is on the side of the building near the awning that connects our building to the smaller school.

School Supplies

We keep a small selection of school supplies and backpacks on hand all year round. However, in the summer, we ask for school supply donations so we can make sure every child has what they need for school. If you would like to be alerted when it is time to donate or come get school supplies, please join our email list, and follow us on Facebook.

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Holiday Assistance

Each year we orchestrate an Easter Basket Giveaway, a Thanksgiving Food Box program, and a Holiday Wishes program that each support local families who struggle to make those holidays happen without help.

Birthday Wishes

We are so thrilled to offer the CSC Birthday Wishes Program! Community members looking to help can sign up to purchase a special gift for a child celebrating their birthday. Please contact us today if you need assistance getting your child a birthday gift!

Emergency Clothing

Twice a year we accept clothing donations so that we can change out our emergency clothing selection to the upcoming season. The remainder of the donated clothing is set out for a day in order to give those who may need it the opportunity to find what they would use. If you would like to be alerted when it is time to donate or come get school supplies, please join our email list, and follow us on Facebook.

Tools & Toys to Thrive

Raising children is expensive. Raising children with special needs who may need specialized tools, therapies, equipment, or toys to thrive often adds a financial requirement that can be hard to sustain. We want to support all children as they grow into the best version of themselves and we want to help alleviate some stress from their families as they navigate their journey. Donations to this program allow us to purchase specialized items for children with special needs -- exactly what they need -- to help them thrive. Please donate to help support this program! Please email us if you could benefit from this program!

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